Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We love FREE!


Teachers love FREE! At times it seems that there is no limit to teachers’ willingness to spend money on their students and their classrooms yet, as we all know, money is finite. It’s estimated that the average teachers spends $500 a year of their personal money on a variety of items in the classroom.  Since it’s an average, there are far too many who spend much more than that.  I love how the Florida Legislature recognized how liberal teachers are with their limited salary that they passed The Florida Teachers Lead Stipend in 1998 that gives $250 to each classroom teacher to help off set some of the expenses of classroom management.  This is such an awesome gift to generous classroom teachers everywhere. We are most grateful to the Legislature for this gift.  This “tuesdays” will highlight another great way teachers can take advantage of a generous gift  - FREE resources.

A creative website

Studyladder is a FREE multi-grade, multi-disciplinary interactive website for elementary and middle school students. It covers mathematics, literacy, science, music, art, languages, culture, health, safety, citizenship and mastering numeracy. Studyladder has over 100,000 registered teachers and has made a commitment to teachers that their site will remain free to them. It has been created by teachers for teachers. What began in Australia with just 21 lessons has been expanded and adapted to over 20 countries.  Studyladder has a plethora of video lessons, interactive games, worksheets, assessments and whiteboard activities for interaction in the classroom.  Teachers can sign up for a free account that gives them the ability to track student progress and report success/deficiencies to the parent.  It makes the perfect Homework Helper.  Students love it because of the immediate feedback, bright colors and rewards/certificates. It is online learning at your fingertips.

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A proverb
“Even after all this time, 

The sun never says to the earth, 

"You owe me." 

Look what happens with 

A love like that. 

It lights the whole sky.” 

Hafiz of Persia

An encouragement

Studyladder is one of the fastest growing FREE resources available.  I loved watching their LIVE statistics boasting 2,734,655 members and growing.  Students have answered 599,573,253 correct questions.  I would like to encourage you to introduce this site at an Open House or Parent Night for that eternal question from parents, “How can I help my child do better in school?”
Studyladder is the perfect answer because it is intuitive, interactive and easy to use because the kids think they are playing and the parents don’t need a manual to figure out what to do.  It’s one of the great gifts teachers can give to parents without having to spend any money out-of-pocket.  There is even a Mathethon Community Fundraiser section that helps schools to raise funds that actually remain at the school.  Studyladder is a gift!

How do you do that?

How do you get started with Studyladder? You will need to sign up for an account and be a true classroom teacher.  It will ask you for minimal information, but it will ask you to identify your school to verify giving a FREE account.  There are paid subscriptions for private and homeschool use, but the cost is as little as $88 a year for a whole family of homeschoolers that it’s so worth it. Once you have created your account, you can enroll students and begin challenging them to earn rewards and certificates. The teacher account can run reports and statistics that can be shared with parents.  Studyladder’s main goal is to supply students with a safe learning environment that can be supervised and monitored by parents and teachers.  I am always so amazed at what is available to us on the Internet today.  Great job, Studyladder!

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