Tuesday, June 21, 2011


*Summer "Best of" Series #2

Creativity is so important. I truly believe it makes the difference in test scores.  I just don’t know how to quantify it. Does anyone know about studies that show the effect of creativity on the learning environment or if anyone had done their doctoral thesis on creativity?  This generation is much more creative than preceding generations and have the tools and time to produce. They are also very savvy.  I was totally shocked yesterday when my 13-year-old neighbor told me she liked “Episode 2.” I wasn’t quite sure what she meant until I realized that she had subscribed to my podcast in iTunes! Not only that, she is ready to create her own podcasts and videos.  That’s Generation M, the media generation.  They are producers of content and are ready to go. We’ve got to encourage them.

A creative website
This very special website is brought to you this week for your personal and professional development. It is not intended for the kids necessarily.  TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an event like no other. It brings together more than 1000 leaders, movers and shakers and change agents in Monterrey, CA for four days and then makes the 15-minute presentations available to all of us through their podcast called TED Talks. I listened to five today, but I had two favorites: Rick Warren and Sir Ken Robinson, both from last year’s conference. Can you imagine being able to drink in the thoughts of some of the best minds of our times? The best part is that they are all limited to 18 minutes!  Hope you get a chance to listen in.  If not, bookmark it and take a listen during your summer break.

An image to share  

The Discovery School site has hundreds of free clip art for your classroom in categories such as: teachers, students, classroom, technology and much more.  While you are there don’t miss the ever popular Puzzlemaker.  I’ll have to do a special on that someday.  It has saved my life many times!

A proverb
We have to see our creative capacities for the richness they are and seeing our children for the hope that they are. Sir Ken Robinson - TED 2006.

An encouragement
My daughter was encouraged by a writing project that one of her colleagues did with her students because it involved interviewing the parents.  The teacher asked the students to ask their parents what technologies were available to them when they were in school. One of the kids was so amazed that there was actually a phone on the wall! I would love to encourage you to do this same inquiry with your kids and post some of the results below. Just think about how many new inventions there are in our kids lifetime alone.  Here’s the prompt: What types of technology were available in your home when you were in school? (The real encouragement comes when you send them home to interview their parents.)

How do you do that?
One of the most important advantages to podcasting is to have the audio file in portable format.  You can certainly go to the TED site and listen to the TED talks, but who really has time?  I love to listen to any audio presentation on my iPod because of its portability. Doing dishes, ironing, raking leaves, waiting in the doctor’s office are no longer wasted or anxious times.  So how do you get one of the TED talks to your computer so that you can put it on your iPod, iPad or mp3 player? Go to the TED Talks site, find the speaker(s) that interests you the most and find the Download Audio linkSometimes it will just play.  Instead of clicking the link, right click on it. (Control click on a Mac)  Choose “save target as” (download linked file on a Mac) and just make sure you send it to your desktop of folder where you can find it! 

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